Explanation: The quotient is the result of division between two numbers. The quotient of a number (I used n) and 8 would be n8. Explanation: Let the number be x. ∴ quotient of x and 8 is given by x÷8 or x8. Hence the expression is,. f(x)=x8. Quotient means that you divide something by another. Let's let n be the number. Therefore, a quotient of a number and 6 refers to n6 or n÷6.

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Let's call the unknown number x. Quotient is the answer to a division. So we want the quotient of our number, x,and8. This means x÷8 but it can. Arturo O. answered • 09/16/ Experienced Physics Teacher for Physics Tutoring. x = the number. 8 + x/3 = Multiply both sides by 3 and get. n – 8. Twice the number n. 2n. The sum of 4 times a number n and 7. 4n + 7 quotient. The result of dividing two numbers. In the division x ÷ y = z, x is the.

The quotient of a number and 8 is a number that is the result of the division between a number and 8. Let. A is any whole number divided by 8, See full answer. Quotient. The result of dividing two numbers or expressions. For example, the 40 divided by 5 has a quotient of 8. Note: 43 divided by 5 has a quotient of 8 and a. Answer to Number Problems The quotient of a number and five is less than the sum of seven and two. Find the solution set.

ten less the quotient of a number and 3 is 6. help needed In order to find the number we need to write an equation. 8 months, 3 weeks ago. Eight plus the quotient of a number and 3 is -2, what is the number? divide two numbers by one number; example: lets's us number 8 divided. Quotient is the result of division. So, this is the equation: 11 - x/8 = 15 x/8 = 11 - 15 x/8 = -4 x = -4 * 8 x = To check everything: 11 - ( / 8).

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eight more than the quotient of a number and five is three. Write an algebraic expression or equation 8+y/5=3. 67, results. In translation problems, the words sum, total, difference, product and quotient three times a number and five translates to 3x + 5, while the phrase three times the 8 = 2x yields. Twelve added to a number yields five. x + 12 = 5 amounts to. 8. Chapter 1. Expressions and Number Properties. Which words correspond quotient of. Write the phrase as an expression. a. 8 fewer than 21 − 8. ALGEBRAIC TRANSLATION. Addition: +. a number plus 5. 7 added to a number. 8 more than a number. 12 greater than a number. a number increased by 6. Let's give the phrase the quotient of y and 8 a whirl. First Fun fact: in algebra, when multiplying a number and a letter together, we can squish the number and . a number raised to the third power. 5. 3 x. 6. a number squared. 6. 2 x. 7. the product of a number and seven. 7. x7. 8. the quotient of four and a number. 8. x. 4 . 9. If you're not sure of the proper translation, use numbers. If you're not certain Translate the sum of 8 and y into an algebraic expression. The keyword here is quotient, which tells me that one of the items is divided by the other. The order . The quotient of powers rule can be very useful when you're simplifying with numbers. Follow along to learn more about this handy rule!. If you divide the number 24 by 8, for example, your quotient is 3 because the number 8 goes into 24 three times exactly. When dividing 20 by 8. Illustrated definition of Quotient: The answer after we divide one number by another. dividend divide divisor quotient. Example: in