Important: A recent update to the Facebook Platform Policies ended the ability to automatically post Tweets to your Facebook profile or page. This article shows you how to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that your Tweets and Retweets will automatically post to your. If you have connected your Twitter and Facebook accounts but your Facebook friends can't see your Tweets on your wall, you may need to update your privacy . You can link your profile or Page to your Twitter account so that you can share your Facebook posts on Twitter. After you've linked your profile or Page, you can choose the types of posts (example: status, photo) that you want to share on Twitter. Go to

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How to Link Twitter to Facebook. This wikiHow teaches you how to connect your Facebook account to your Twitter account in order to post your. How to Link Facebook to Twitter. This wikiHow teaches you how to link your Facebook account to Twitter so that posts and status updates you. Twitter announced today that functionality is now coming to an end, and to connected Facebook accounts due to a recent Facebook update.

Tired of posting the same stuff on Facebook that you tweeted on Twitter? There's an easy way to automate it! Here's how. The simplest way to link Facebook and Twitter is to use the Twitter application (or app) on Facebook. While on Facebook, use the search bar to find the app. You can connect Twitter to Facebook OR Facebook to Twitter. The benefit of doing so is that when you post on one platform, it will automatically be published on.

A short and simple guide on how to link your Facebook and Twitter account and Twitter and Facebook account, respectively. Linking Your Facebook Page to Twitter. Go to and click on the “link to twitter” button. You can connect your personal profile. This will connect your Twitter account with your Facebook one! You can then choose what will be posted automatically on Facebook from the.

Do more with Facebook by connecting it to Twitter, and hundreds of others, with IFTTT. Businesses wanting to connect with existing and potential customers shouldn't focus on just one social network but rather use several different platforms to get. By connecting your Twitter account with Facebook, you will be able to significantly bolster your communication and empower each of your tweet. If your company has fans on Facebook who aren't Twitter users, you can post your tweets on your Facebook Wall for your fans to see. After you do this, every. Facebook and Twitter offer you two different ways to connect with the public. Facebook enables you to keep your fans updated in a way they'll see in their. The link in the tweet takes you to an instructions page on how to share a tweet via a link Twitter help center page on connecting to Facebook. This means that a Twitter user who had connected their Twitter account to a Facebook account to automatically share their tweets and retweets. To link your Twitter account to Facebook: 1. Log in to the Twitter account you want to associate with your Facebook profile. 2. Go to your. Then, go ahead and link your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The following procedures explain how to set up your automatic posts, and how to. This week we show you how to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account so that your tweets are automatically posted to.