Sony used its E3 conference to announce some games we haven't seen for years, revealed some exciting and unusual new titles, and. Microsoft's events are a bit of a wild card. Will it bore you to tears with statistics or show you a wild HoloLens demo? Sony tends to follow a set. Sony's E3 press conference (all of which is here) kicked off at 2 AM UK time —6 PM in Los Angeles, where it was actually happening.

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PlayStation 4's position as thus-far sweetheart of the current-gen console war actually makes E3 all the more challenging for Sony. Sony hosted a press conference on June 15 at p.m. During the conference, Sony re-announced The Last Guardian, announced a new. Whew, we made it! Another E3 in the books, and what a show it was. Our press conference started us off with a bang (and some of you were.

All the news from Sony's remarkable E3 press conference in which The Last Guardian is reintroduced, Shenmue III gets a Kickstarter. One of the most talked about things from Sony's E3 Press Conference was the unveiling of a Final Fantasy VII remake. But it wasn't the. With E3 coming to a close it's time to sit back and cast judgement on the big three . Overall, Sony had a great show. Despite the fact that it had.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Street Fighter V, and all the biggest news from the Sony E3 press conference. The PlayStation E3 press conference can perhaps best be summed up in a single word: Promises. It was an evening of old promises kept. Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian, Jesus walks again. Sony's show as it happened. While Microsoft used its E3 press event to make some big reveals, like backwards compatibility and an all new controller, Sony stuck firmly to. &#; The Last Guardian has been re-revealed at E3 ! Tons of puzzles and boy-griffon interaction in the gameplay trailer. (Link, Thread). We're six months removed from E3 , and six months remain I remember our determination that Sony squeaked by with a victory was met. E3 Sony. 17 12K. Sony pulled out all the stops Monday night during its E3 presser, and treated fans to one of its most exciting conference events in years. After delivering an excellent, worthy press conference at E3 earlier on Monday, Sony dropped a barnstorming performance consisting of a. Shenmue III, Final Fantasy VII PS4 remake, and The Last Guardian made for an E3 press conference that might never be topped.