When you're shopping for a guitar or bass, one of the dimensions you'll be presented with is an instrument's fingerboard radius. What is that? How is it measured. For example, if you've ever seen the specs for an electric guitar neck, you might have read ″ as the radius. The way that number is derived. There are a lot of terms you hear thrown around when referring to a guitar, it's neck and how it plays. Nut width, scale length, neck angle, string spacing, fret.

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Guitar Neck Fretboard Radius. Fretboards are curved across their width to accommodate the natural shape of fingers in playing position. Some are curved a . Fretboard radius is one of the elements that contributes quite significantly to the overall playabilty of a guitar. In this article we take a look at what exactly. This is where specs such as fingerboard radius come into play. You might have noticed that on a good number of electric guitar and basses.

The fingerboard is an important component of most stringed instruments. It is a . Almost all other guitars have at least some curvature. If you do not find your specific brand and model below you can Google your guitar make/model plus the words fretboard radius; if that doesn't work you can use. Ever wonder why some guitars just feel 'right' while others feel just plain weird? Often it's down to the radius of the fretboard. This refers to how.

The higher the radius, the flatter the fretboard. . You'll need to go out and play a tonne of guitars to really know which one you'll like the best. Fretboard radius is an often overlooked and sometimes misunderstood part of the guitar selection process. There are more important factors in. Typically, guitar strings are not parallel: they're closer together at the nut, and they spread wider apart at the bridge. For this reason, a fretboard should not be a .

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Most of our guitars are made with inch ( mm) fretboard radius. This is a comfortable radius for playing open or barre chords, soloing and bending strings . The Pattern Thin neck is an updated version of PRS's traditional Wide Thin neck . FINGERBOARD RADIUS 10 on all guitars except when otherwise stated. There are necks that a single radius neck while some guitars have a variable radius. Custom and compound radius options are now available in the Guitar Customization Tool! For more on our standard fretboard radiuses (radii) and neck profiles. While most guitars have a single radius along the length of the fingerboard, a compound radius instrument has a radius that gradually. All electric guitar fretboard's have a slight radius to them. The reason for putting a radius on the fretboard is to make the guitar more comfortable to play. To understand the fingerboard radius, take the one I use for example. Typically, guitar strings are not parallel: they're closer together at the. For a similar list of neck dimensions for acoustic guitars see the list of length, Width at nut, Width at last fret, Thickness at 1st fret, Thickness at 12th fret, Radius. Often touted as one of the best kept secrets in the industry, Kiesel 6 string guitars and 4 string basses are available with 3 fingerboard profiles. The radius refers. Buy 6 in 1 Guitar Fretboard Radius Gauge Steel Ruler Guitar Neck Kit Setup Measuring DIY Luthier Tool: Acoustic & Classical Guitar Parts - rupoonset.me