Ernie Brown Jr. aka “The Turtleman” owes his nickname to the fact that he is able to catch snapping turtles bare-handed. A reality star, he is best known for starring on the Animal Planet’s Call of the Wildman, a series that premiered in Incredibly popular, the show attracted. However, near the end of the show's run, both Animal Planet and Turtleman got into a snare of their own. What happened, and where is. Turtleman. By Carmen Ribecca. Call of the Wildman was an Animal Planet show that could best So what happened to the favorite son of the Bluegrass State?.

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The Turtleman might be in some hot, murky water. Kentucky icon Ernie Brown Jr., aka Turtleman and the star of Animal Planet's television . Marraccini said that the incident happened in , so the statute of limitations. Call of the Wildman was an American reality television series that aired on Animal Planet from .. Animal Planet snaps up Turtle Man – Fearless Lebanon man stars in new show. Lexington Herald-Leader. p. A1. Copely, Rich ( 06). Animal Planet was the home to the American reality series, Call of the Wildman that featured animal wrangler, Ernie Brown, Jr. or 'Turtleman.' To aid him in his.

In the world of “reality” television, Animal Planet's Call of the Wildman was the show's star, Ernie Brown Jr.—known as “Turtleman”—visited a. Television network Animal Planet Canada has abruptly canceled of the Kentucky animal wrangler known as Turtleman, has come under. A Kentucky farmer has accused Animal Planet of setting a fire, damming a Now , Turtleman, a.k.a. Ernie Brown Jr., along with his fellow cast.

Neal James, the bushy bearded “Banjo Man” from the Animal Planet was the sidekick to series star Ernie Brown Jr., aka “The Turtleman. Turtleman Ernie Brown, Jr. (L) and Neal James arrive (R) appear on Neal James, who appeared on Animal Planet's Call of the Wildman,. Turtleman doing what he likes most catching turtles!! https://www. wildman.

Ernie Brown Jr famously known as Turtleman, a man we loved to watch in the Animal Planet reality tv series Call of the Wildman. Catching a turtle in the. CARTERVILLE — “The Turtleman” is coming to Southern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days on Sept. 22, organizers announced Wednesday. CLARKSBURG — Ernie Lee “Turtle Man” Brown Jr. felt like a superhero as he Brown, who starred in the Animal Planet television show “Call of the Wildman” from to , “The 'Turtle Man' just happened to be there. Animal Planet's 'Banjo Man' Neal James Dies at Neal James . He appeared alongside his friend and star “The Turtleman” Ernie Brown Jr. Animal Planet star 'Banjo Man' Neal James dies at 55 James became nationally known as the friend of The Turtleman Ernie Brown Jr. on. Animal Planet TV reality star to appear at Turning Stone Casino this Jr. (The Turtleman) of the hit Animal Planet Show Call of the Wildman. . He got killed before I could meet him, but sometimes these things happen. Check out Turtleman photos from the Animal Planet series, 'Call of the Wildman!'. Call of the Wildman, featuring Ernie Brown, Jr., whose nickname is “The Turtleman,” and Animal Planet have finally been fined three years after. Ernie Brown Turtleman Animal Planet with turtle She'll have to wait until she watches the show Sunday at 8 p.m. to see what happens. Animal Planet star Neal 'Banjo Man' James dead at The Turtleman Ernie Brown Jr. He endeared himself to fans with his twangy voice.