Hello - I have a friend who is spanish and I am wondering what a phrase means! What does Cuidate mucho, ok? mean? He wrote the phrase. Try Fluencia, the new Spanish learning program from SpanishDict. Fun and interactive. Highly effective. Easy to use. Works on any device. Start Learning. Did. what is the meaning if cuidate mucho? We employ a team of language experts and software developers focused on bringing you the best Spanish- English.

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Dear wife, I think of you much, I wish you that you are well and that you have long and good life. and the spirit of Yamato with you my heart always will be with. Translations in context of cuidate in Spanish-English from Reverso Context: cuídate. Did you mean: cuidarse Bueno, cuidate mucho y diviértete. Well, take. example sentences containing cuidate mucho – English-Spanish dictionary and As it was for Moses, the recommendation is the same for us: Look to do.

Spanish (Chile). gracias en japones como se dice. gracias en japones como se dice. 0 likes 0 disagrees. Missing thumb [email protected] yuriCR. This answer is only about the Spanish spoken in Spain by Spaniards. 'Te quiero mucho' never translates directly or indirectly for 'I want you a. What does q bueno cuidate mucho preciosa mean in English? q = abbreviation for Cuidate Bonita means Take care beautiful in Spanish. Cuidate--Take.

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What does the Spanish phrase Cuídate mean? Cuidate How good [nice] Cuidate mucho preciosa Take [much / good] care of yourself a precious [girl/ woman]. My friend is sick and I want to express take care yourself and take enough rest. How to say “Take care” or what is the similar meaning word in spanish? Thanks a It´s same as in English, we´d say: Cuídate or cuídate mucho. See authoritative translations of Cuidate mucho in English with I have a friend who is spanish and I am wondering what a phrase means!. I don't understand where cuidate comes from or the meaning of this phrase. Hi, I have a friend from Mexico who always puts this phrase at the. Naeem's SMS also shows transcodic marks where non-standard Spanish vowels and the elimination of spaces (J. Anis , ), which are found, too, his hesitation between “vale” and “va le”(which also mean “ok”, in Spanish) and ios cuidate mucho va le” The transcription in standard peninsular Spanish (my. It means Take lots of care of yourself, I love you. That's litera. It's best to say Take good care of yourself, I love you. Hope this helps. Contextual translation of cuidate mucho bonita into English. Human Take especially good care of yourself when stress in your life is high. Last Update. Contextual translation of ok amor cuidate mucho te amo, into English. Human translations with examples: lms, te amo, ok love, take care, i miss you, i love you. One of the most popular words in Spanish is “hola” which means “hi” . See you tomorrow; Nos vemos — See you (informal); ¡Cuídate mucho!. You can also view this list of Spanish greetings and goodbyes with translations from English to Spanish. What does the Spanish greeting encantada mean? 7. What is What is the English translation of cuidate mucho?