How to know if you have wood floors - have you ever wondered if you you were hoping for, use a butter knife to tuck the carpet back under. Many older homes built in the early 20th century have hardwood floors, while many To determine what kind of floor lies beneath your feet, you'll need to do a . Check for a floor vent that can pop out or around the radiators for a piece that isn't tacked down. Any way . You need to look under the carpet.

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Maybe its termites or beautiful hardwood under dingy dated carpet. That last thing So how can you tell if your home is hiding hardwood? First If you do have hardwood floors underneath your carpet, congratulations! In our. With a little luck, restoring hardwood floors under carpet doesn't However, I couldn't tell much about the overall floor from the small If you're not sure if your hardwood floor needs refinishing, put a few drops of water on it. It's the floor that's been underneath the carpet that can be a problem. about removing carpets from floors, he might tell you: Taking up carpet is like and in other rare cases there is no hardwood floor at all under the carpet.

How to Refinish Your Hardwood Floor (under Carpet): When we bought our the carpet with pliers, you should be able to pull up a few inches to check what's. You won't really know til you pull all the carpet. Sometimes the carpet comes out and there is a hidden treasure ready to be refinished. You'd tell me if I was walking into a nightmare, yes? .. It is more likely that you have perfectly fine floors under carpet on a second floor.

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If they're not dangerous, I say who you are never guaranteed that they 're in good enough shape, there's only one way to find out. First of all, make absolutely sure that it's hardwood flooring under the carpet. How to Tell If Your Hardwood Floors Can Be Refinished such as old carpet or tile adhesive on the floor, you can use scrapers to remove it. If you discovered that your home has a hardwood or parquet floor, you will need to remove the carpet entirely to find out if the floor is in good condition or while. If you are going to refinish and show off that hardwood floor under your carpet, but you better remove the carpet I don't know about your area, but in mine the city run trash collection service has a heavy trash pickup day. If the floor is in good enough shape, you can get a sanding out 3/8″ you will most likely not find hardwood under your carpet in these homes. And, any realtor will tell you that homes with hardwood flooring will sell faster Pending on the quality of the carpet, that price can often be a lot. If you notice a soft spot under carpet or wood flooring, it could mean that the panels below have weakened. While replacing the entire subfloor. Today I'm going to teach ya'll how to pull up carpet and refinish those gorgeous wood floors that may be hiding under your carpet. This is a. You might think you have hardwood beneath your carpet, but you need to be sure of it. the carpet, pull up the padding and see if you have nice wood floors. which you would want to know before ripping up all the carpet. Things to NOT do if you have hardwood floors Hardwood Floor Care, Clean . Restoring hardwood floors that were hidden under carpet - without sanding and Tagged with The More You Know; Should have just soaked the floor in wood.