iOS 9 allows you to both add attachments to your emails and save attachments that you receive. To save an attachment directly to your iCloud Drive (or. I spend more time checking email on my iPhone than I do on my MacBook these days. Thanks to OS X Daily, I now have a better way to deal. iOS 9 has made it easy to save email attachments to your iCloud Drive (and attach items from your iCloud Drive to outgoing emails), which allows you to access.

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Saving an email attachment from mail app directly to iCloud drive in iOS 9 is easy . Now save space on your computer and store your docs in. The iOS Mail app allows users to save various types of attachments directly to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This is a great feature that is available in the latest. Learn how to save email attachments on your iPad, iPod, or iPhone using iCloud Drive and iOS Mail. Saving attachments is nice and easy on.

The new iCloud Drive app allows you to attach files to emails and peruse your drive storage when you're not at your Mac. Cory Bohon shows. iOS 9 offers a new feature that allows you to save attachments received via emails to iCloud Drive. Similar to the way iOS currently lets you. Be sure you have iCloud Drive enabled and visible on the Home Screen icon of iOS if you want to save email attachments there, obviously if.

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Saving email messages as PDFs is a convenient way to create copies of messages You can even search PDF files if they have Optimal Character into PDF format and save them directly to either Dropbox or iCloud Drive. How to save email attachment in mail app to iCloud Drive directly in iOS 9? Read this guide to get step-by-step instructions. I open it from e-mail and I can read it, I can download it to Dropbox, but // 06/10/ioslets-you-save-email-attachments-to -icloud-drive/. In Mail on, attach one or more files to emails and use Save time by starting your support request online and we'll connect you to. You can save your email attachments to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more!. To make things a little easier on yourself, OS X Daily points out that saving that attachment to iCloud Drive makes the process a little smoother. How to set iCloud to save emails on your Mac, not in the cloud Time Machine or otherwise, or you'll be sunk if your drive fails.) get frequent large attachments in messages you delete without needing those attachments. Save attachments to iPhone and iPad from email • Download PDF, Word, From there, you can easily move it to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or elsewhere. When it comes to email attachments on the iPhone, the Mail app lets To save the attachment to iCloud Drive, select Save to Files instead of. Open & download attachments in Gmail. When you get an email with attachments , you can download a copy of the attachment to your Save to Google Drive.