Through Ditto Music, you can now set up your own VEVO channel and get seen worldwide on the most popular music video platform out there. VEVO considers itself a premium music channel, so artists are v What are the biggest tracker networks and what can I do about them?. So, there's simply no way for you to get all your video content on Vevo, unless.

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Create an account. By clicking Sign Up you agree to Vevo's Terms and Privacy Policy. Sign Up. Already have an account?Log in. How To Get A VEVO Channel. Posted on 05/13/ by vydiateam. Share this post on: So, you've heard all about that little thing called Vevo and it's benefits. Try Vevo! Vevo is the leading all premium music video and entertainment platform. As a certified Vevo content partner, FREE VEVO will publish your music .

Request your vevo channel and submit your music videos to Vevo. partner, Castro Music will publish your music videos fast and easy. Fill this form to get started: While you wait for the response, proceed as follows: Organize everything to open your own VEVO channel. Make your music videos available on VEVO, the second largest video network in the world.

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Your own official channel on the second largest video network in the world. Get on VEVO now and promote your video. Earn money off of your views. Because of this, we recommend that you distribute the official music video with us to be placed on your VEVO channel, and then make a VEVO. As a pro-artist platform we give you the strongest distribution tool for only 15% Once you are approved by this Network, we'll help you with Vevo channel. VEVO Channel. 34,99€. Get your own VEVO channel! Make your music videos available on the second largest video network in the world. The Get a VEVO channel today. If you're an artist looking to Get a VEVO channel then can help. Get a VEVO channel and start promoting your videos. In addition, if an artist has only a Vevo channel (and not an Official Artist of music artists' subscribers means they'll get bigger overall reach. Vevo is an American multinational video hosting service founded on December 8 , , as a In April , Vevo's YouTube channel was hacked by two hackers using the name of Prosox and Kuroi'SH and caused the This allows Vevo to make their network more friendly to advertising partners such as McDonald's. Create a VEVO, Upload Unlimited Music and Videos, Monetized YouTube Channel, We deliver to over 60 music apps/stores worldwide. The merge combines, for instance, the SmallpoolsVEVO channel and Smallpools channel to create one Official Artist Channel. These merges. Getting a VEVO channel makes you look like you take your music seriously! It's not easy to get or upload to – but we have made the process simple, fast, and.